„ITR group’s” specialists create construction projects and perform construction works skillfully, responsibly and qualitatively. We construct snug and comfortable private homes, multi-occupancy low-rise buildings and frame hangars, which truly serve our clients for years.

  •  “ITR group” owns mobile hydraulic pile driving equipment and monolithic concrete casting equipment which allows workers to perform necessary tasks in hard to reach and distant areas. We perform monolithic and reinforced concrete structures installation works of various  levels of complexity competently and qualitatively.
  • Experience received while constructing the low-rise monolithic private homes and simple buildings allows us to offer our clients the best possible project implementation options in terms of price and quality correspondence.
  • We build and sell functional and practical frame tilt hangars from snug pavilions and tents for event hosting to several thousand square meters in area structures with metal doors resistant to wind and snow.
  • The employees will perform perfectly concrete construction and masonry works of all types and complexity. We performs all kinds of stonemasonry works, including the laying of stone foundations, the building of retaining walls, the constructing of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and stairs, and the installing of pavers. Our experienced specialists not only conduct masonry works on site, but also break the stone by themselves, so the stone is used to its maximum effect.
  • “ITR group” electrical specialists will install all necessary security systems and incandescent and LED lighting inside and outside of buildings. Moreover, choosing “ITR group,” you will be able to cut down the cost of electrical wiring materials because we get them directly from the manufacturers.
  • You will remain satisfied if you entrust us to perform plumbing works. We have signed the material supply contracts favorable for our clients with all the representatives of the famous manufactures.