Industrial flooring installation is a job that requires a certain level of responsibility and care. “ITR group” specialist will carefully evaluate your business needs, characteristics of the building and to your specifications.

The best solution originates as a result of close cooperation with the European and US industrial flooring experts. For each construction object the company’s specialists can prepare a comprehensive overview and analysis of the international analogues. Such an approach helps to avoid the most common errors and implement advanced ideas.

Construction Objects

  • Industrial and administrative buildings
  • Special purpose buildings (food, chemical, medical etc. industries)
  • Houses, garages, parking lots


  • Concrete flooring Such flooring is installed using ready-mix concrete. Depending on the needs of the industry, the flooring surface can be smooth or rough. This installation technology allows  coverage over  large areas and offers our clients a wide selection of colors.
  • Seamless flooring Using the “wet on wet” technique, the lower and the upper flooring layers are poured immediately one after the other. A densifier poured on the concrete base provides the flooring with the desired color and resistance characteristics and covers concrete reinforcement fibers. The second pouring technique known as “wet on dry” is usually used in the process of old flooring restoration to improve its quality, for instance to increase its resistance to stress. The minimal thickness of the poured layer is 6 mm.
  • Concrete flooring with a powder densifier Powder densifier improves the density, color, and chemical resistance of the upper layer of concrete. The flooring is installed in one sitting. This fact is very important when the clients want to minimize the downtime.  
  • Concrete flooring with the chemical densifier Chemical densifier binds concrete particles, seals and hardens concrete surface, and reduces dusting. Such flooring is desirable due to its endurance and resistance to heavy loads, moisture and grease. Over the course of time, the flooring surface becomes even more shining. This technology is often used when restoring old floors to improve their quality. It can reduce the wear of the floor; the amount of dust collected, and is able to make the floor less permeable to liquids.
  • Concrete flooring with metalized densifier Metalized densifier used to install the industrial concrete flooring not only allows it to bear heavy loads, but also distributes the impact force. That is why the floorings in the logistics centers and industrial shops are not affected when track machines are used or heavy loads fall down.    
  • Concrete painting This technique improves the appearance of the flooring and provides the desired color. It is often used for the restoration of old floors.
  • Epoxy and polyurethane flooring The surface of such flooring is especially smooth and seamless. Epoxy and polyurethane floors are notable for their resistant power as well as possessing excellent aesthetic and performance characteristics. In premises, which are subject to extreme sanitary-hygienic standards, special polyurethane flooring is installed. Among other characteristics, such flooring has high chemical and thermal resistance.
  • Floors and flooring Long-term experience and the available equipment allow “ITR group” specialists to install floors, flooring and ramps at the same time. This technique is important for construction and reconstruction of multi-storey parking garages and other buildings. It saves time, construction materials and other resources.
  • Terrazzo (for the Italian town Terrazzo) Terrazzo flooring is notable not only for being resistant to sunlight, frost, and precipitation, but also for its impressive range of design options. Perfectly installed terrazzo flooring provides a house, a hotel, a spa center or a shopping mall with an outstanding design, which will please the eye for many years.